Some links to DWF-files...

of the major assemblies of our D.I.Y. Universal 4-axes CNC-machine. DWF-files are best viewed with AutoDesk Viewer version 7.x or higher.


If you do not have the DWF-viewer installed yet

download it from .

To get a realistic display of large assemblies like our XPLOT Gantry, first enable the perspective view mode. Select the 10th icon from the left on the 2nd row from the top. Go to perspective view (the bottom entry in the pop up window) and enable this view setting.

In the MODEL tab at the left of the display, you find a list of all parts in the assembly. With the DWF-viewer you can comfortably view, select, hide, unhide each individual part. It is also possible to tweak parts, to create an exploded view and print out the results. Go to the HELP option in the top bar for more details on how to use the program.

Here are the DWF-files

The MDF Starter Pack is

a sample or hands-on model of a user-supplied base frame and vacuum table top.

Small lengths X-axis slides, racks and table edge extrusions are supplied in combination with a special MDF-container in which your order was shipped. The MDF-container parts are used in the assembly as shown in this DWF-file and enable you to assemble a fully functional 4-axes machine with 2 (technically skilled) persons in just one day. The starter pack base frame and table top could be permanently used for small applications where the limited X-axis provides enough travel (approx. 600 mm nett). It also serves as a test bed for users developing/building a larger table, customized for their specific needs.

Our All-Aluminum Vacuum Table / Base Frame

is a professional medium-duty extruded base frame and vacuum table top. This modular design is used for many routing and cutting turnkey systems world wide. The smallest practical size (1600 x 1280 mm nett X/Y-travel) is shown in this DWF-file. The largest vacuum table / base frame we can supply in this modular design is (X/Y) 80 x 7.2 meters!

Power Console Options

All you need to run your D.I.Y. Gantry is a low-voltage 24 - 120VDC 6-30Amps (depending on motor size ordered) power supply. Many D.I.Y. clients use a car-battery charger - obtained locally - plus 2 high capacity elco's mounted in the gantry, available from us as an option.

For professional use and/or larger drive motors, large transformers and auxiliary mains control gear are available, packaged as shown in this DWF-file. This Power Console can be ordered, like the gantry, as individual prefab- or completely finished parts ready to assemble.

Fully assembled, tested, CE-certified and Plug & Go units are available from stock as well.

4-Axes CNC Controller

Any standard or industrial-PC which simulates a CNC-controller and capable of delivering > 60.000 pulses/sec. times the number of axis to run simultaneously can be used. Since all signals to and from the gantry are optically isolated an additional 5-6VDC/1Amp power supply might be required.

We have a break out board and a small switching power supply available to connect the D.I.Y. Gantry to any Linux PC, running EMC. Due to the nature of the low-cost PC / EMC combination, the maximum feedrate will be limited to ~100-200 mm/sec. By means of an additional pulse-multiplier for each of the 4 axes, this limitation can be eliminated at the cost of some resolution.

For high end users we provide a low cost DSP-CNC, an autonomous high speed controller for running your CNC-machine off-line, on-line, remote via LAN or the Internet.

Current DIY-Firmware

1 - download here: cdv2009.exe [ KB]
2 - Please mail us for login details when you are ready to install your software.






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