Laser safety requirements

The following summarizes laser safety requirements and their impact on integrators and users of our CO2 lasers, and it provides sources for obtaining additional information and assistance.

The first section describes the legal requirements on product manufacturers (OEM's and system integrators) who purchase CO2 lasers and include them in a product for resale. These regulations, published by the U.S. government, are mandatory for laser products.

The second section discusses standards for laser users in the U.S. who purchase CO2 lasers or products that contain lasers for use in their facilities. These requirements are adopted by the individual states, and at this time only a few have such regulations. User laser safety standards from ANSI and the guidelines published for OSHA inspectors are also described.

The third section includes references and sources for documents and assistance. Information
on international laser safety requirements that apply outside of the United States is also available upon request.