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Civil Eng. Reports about Dutch Contractors' accomplishments

Dispensing is accurate positioning and delivering droplets of medical samples, paint, glue and gasket materials by EMC2-compatible Xplot.

Die making , design and proto-typing turnkey system with special, EMC2-compatible tools for packaging (carton) designers, printers etc.

Flags and Banners are produced with large size silkscreens without film and darkroom now. Line-master turnkey system now includes a tangentially controlled (Ulano) cutting Xplot-machine.

Gasket Design and proto typing plus one-of production without expensive tooling

Grouter Revolution in Concrete Building is coming up. See videos and pictures below for a sneak preview of our EMC2-compatible Xplot-Grouter project.

Laser Cutting is the ultimate non-contact cutting methode. Nowadays affordable due to lifetime-filled lasers and EMC2-compatible personal XPLOT-machines.

Milling applications of non-ferro materials on EMC2-compatible Xplot-machines.

Road Signs manufacturing throughout Europe is automated by M.A.C. Turnkey systems with customized EMC2-compatible Xplot-machines and tooling.

Routing in plywood, steel and aluminum plus lately, Styrofoam for mold-makers

Sign Making Turnkey Systems with Xplot-machines handle any material used in advertising and promotional businesses.

WaterJET cuts whatever you can't cut by Laser or Plasma torch. It cuts with (abrasive and) Water. Marble, Glass, Lexan, Stainless Steel, Alu etc.

Plasma Cutting Need for SPEED? Low Cost automation with Xplot-machines and D.I.Y. packages.


Civil Eng. Dispensing Die making Flags and Banners Gasket Design Grouter Laser Cutting Milling Road Signs Routing Sign Making WaterJET Plasma Cutting


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