CreditCard Coding


Stainless Steel SPLIT-AXES 2-1/2D DISPENSER

with 4 * A3 vacuum table top

The Dutch money & bond forms printer Johan Enschede teamed up with Landys & Gyr for secure ID-cards.
This resulted in a special turnkey system controlled by M.A.C.'s custom-designed embedded computer/CNC-controller, generating credit card codes with adequate security measures as well as controlling all axes of the Xplot-1008.

The CNC-machine table is equiped with four vacuum sections, holding down pre-printed A3-sized PVC sheets.


IKAP investment

The blue Printmark Scanners

Pre printed PVC sheets on vacuum table

of the Sick Company are used to initialize the dispensing system and obtaining coordinates of the pre-printed image on the PVC sheets with 0.01mm accuracy. Next the system calculates the alignment (angle) of the sheets for dynamic compensation while dispensing. Unfortunately the special (solvent) PVC-ink (same as used for silkscreening the pre-printed image) causes the PVC sheets to shrink. This makes it virtually impossible to work with 0.01mm acuracy when pre-printing is used.
The added print mark scanners, used locally on each pre-printed (one-creditcard size) location, solve this problem elegantly.


Checker Board Dispensing Test

Checker Board being applied

reveals overall quality of the dispensed droplets, being applied with 0.01 mm tollerance at an object that physically has a different position every time a new sheet or new card image is started.


The Universal Z-axis

Special Z-axis Drive

tool plate has been fitted with a special Z-axis drive that has limited torque.
It is adjusted in such a way that it will not damage the dispensing needle nor the PVC sheet when over-positioned downwards, making contact with the table/sheets. By retracting/dispensing at the same time, the controller has the built-in ability to "shape" the droplets so they will be unvisible (just thick enough...) in the finished product (laminated card), yet thick enough to provide good contrast when inspected with an IR-light source.



Xplot-1008, with THK CNC-slides

has a Presurized Ink Container at it's front plate to keep supply lines short and have gravity assisted flow to avoid cavities in the ink line.

Machine is fitted with micrometer precision THK CNC-slides, electronic dispensing valve/controller converted to do the PVC-ink job.