The Xplot Die makers' Toolset

consists of 6 independent tools.

Diemakers' Toolset, Crease, Cut, Route, Draw

supplied on special order, O.E.M. version


Tool Head on Xplot-1600

Tool Head on Xplot-1600


Xplot-1600 Die maker Version


Manual Data Input of Xplot-1600

For ease of operation, large buttons version M.D.I. is used to simplify operator tasks. Operator interaction is reduced to reading a few characters and hitting a single button to repeat production jobs.


True Proto Die Making

Our Die-makers Tools enable real-prototype Die Making in all aspects. Not just cardboard boxes, also plywood steel-rule dies , MDF, Nylon (NyloPrint) and FR2 (phenolic, pertinax, Rillma) counterplates .


Die Making Samples

Many gaskets come from one-off dies like these, frequently made on our Xplot-1000, 1500 and 1600.
Oldtimer restauration shops and Prototyping labs being the happiest customers....