Xplot-1000 Dispenser/Router Xplot-1000 Dispenser/Router, nowadays a standard 3-axes PC-peripheral.

Xplot-2000 Tangential Cutter/Router Xplot-2000 Tangential Cutter/Router is an universal stainless steel construction for routing/cutting.

Xplot-2400 WaterJet Cutting Station Xplot-2400 WaterJet Cutting Station is an universal stainless steel basin construction for WaterJET as well as for Laser or Plasma cutting

Xplot-3000 Tangential Cutter/Router Xplot-3000 universal stainless steel construction for heavy duty routing/cutting/milling and drilling.


Steel Stainless Alu Profiles Mod-Alu-I Mod-Alu-II


CNC-Controllers Cutters Diemaker Tools Drive Electronics FFPE Gantries 5-Axes Options Plotting Reductors Remote Control Roll Feed Routers Slides Tables Vacuum Parts


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