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CNC-Controllers State-of-the-art versions as well as a bit of history. Slo-Syn (Superior Electric) NC's on our earliest machines in the 1960's. Mini Computers of the 1970's and DSP's of today. It's all there...

Cutters (tangentially) controlled knife or blade CUTTERS for cutting various materials.

Diemaker Tools come as a complete set for (proto) cardboard box making.

Drive Electronics Micro-Stepper or SERVO Drives in various power, torque and voltage versions. Miniature High Voltage and High Power, High Voltage versions available...

FFPE An universal Free Floating Piston Engine (FFPE, or STELZER-MOTOR, named after its inventor) is available now to retrofit Ingersoll Rand and other brands of high pressure converters in WaterJet Cutt...

Gantries the main moving part, usually in the X-axis direction

5-Axes Options as universal robotic add-on tool. Additional B & C axes can be installed to most of our larger gantries.

Plotting on film, plywood or paper.

Reductors are used as a "gear box" between a drive motor and pinion/leadscrew mechanics, to boost torque and resolution.

Remote Control Human Machine Interfaces for jogging, indexing and on/off line selection while not at the PC's keyboard.

Roll Feed tools advance film or vinyl materials fully automatically after each cutting job.

Routers for (high speed) milling in Alu, MDF or plywood, professional as well as low cost solutions.

Slides and rails guiding the mechanics, each with specific precision/costs advantage.

Tables main constructions in Alu, Steel or Stainless Steel to support multi axis gantries and (heavy weight) workpieces...

Vacuum Parts to fix workpieces while maintaining quick material exchange. Requires a vacuum table top and pump.


CNC-Controllers Cutters Diemaker Tools Drive Electronics FFPE Gantries 5-Axes Options Plotting Reductors Remote Control Roll Feed Routers Slides Tables Vacuum Parts


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