Our FFPE may be ordered fully assembled and tested or as prefab parts-only.
Material and manufacturing costs vary, as well as currency exchange rates. For actual prices please contact us.



Free Floating Piston Engine ASSEMBLED FFPE, 78kW, mechanics only, completely assembled (1984.000)

Endbell, P.T.O. Side, Titanium Alloy Endbell, Power Take Off Side, Ti6Al4V (1984.001)

Endbell, Servo Side, Titanium Alloy Endbell, servo side, Ti6Al4V (1984.002)

Cylinder Head Cylinder Head, CoCr, with 2 spark plug holes and non-intrusive cylinder pressure transducers installed (1984.003)

Cylinder Cylinder, CoCr, with double sided exhaust ports (1984.004)

Compressor Cylinder Pre-Compression Cylinder, CoCr (1984.005)

Gasket A Gasket, CU, End Bell PTO side (1984.006)

Gasket B Gasket, CU, End Bell Starter side (1984.007)

Gasket C Gasket, CU, End Bell - Cylinder Head, 2 pcs. required (1984.008)

Gasket D Gasket, CU, Cylinder Head - Cylinder (1984.009)

Gasket E Gasket, CU, Cylinder - Pre-Compressor, 2 pcs. required (1984.010)

Gasket F Gasket, CU, all Cylinder ports, 5 pcs. required (1984.011)

Gasket G Gasket, CU, Bleeder ports (1984.012)

Gasket H Gasket, CU, Compressor Vent, 2 pcs. required (1984.013)

Hose Clamp 1"" Hose Clamp 1"", Stainless Steel, 2 pcs. required (1984.014)

Coolant Hose mount, 3/4" Coolant Hose mount, 3/4", 2 pcs. required (1984.015)

Exhaust / Inlet manifold, Titanium Alloy Inlet-Outlet adaptor, Ti6Al4V, 5 pcs. required (1984.016)

Silence Block, 1.5" Silence Block, 1.5", double M8 O.T., 6 pcs. required (1984.017)

Spark Plugs, set of 2 Spark Plugs, set of 2, special High Compression Rate version, 2 sets required (1984.018)

Washer, CU for Spark Plug Washer, CU, for spark plug, 4 pcs. required (1984.019)

Multi-Function Servo Adaptor, Titanium Alloy Multi-Function Servo Adaptor Plate, Ti6Al4V (1984.020)

Fastener Set Special Grade bolts and nuts (1984.021)


1984.0XX - BLOCK 1984.1XX - SERVO 1984.2XX - CONTROLLER 1984.3XX - FRAME


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