Bipolar Drive 80V-7Amp


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Gecko Micro Stepper Drive

is a Low Cost Micro Stepper Drive for 80VDC/7Amp. per phase, specifically designed for O.E.M. and DIY use.
They are easy to install, even for DIY-clients without electrical skills, when ordered from us with prefabricated power supply and cable-connector-assemblies. This way, installing a drive is a simple Plug & Play task.


PLL Step Multiplier

In cases where Micro Stepping is prefered but the load for the controller would be too high, a PLL step multiplication board is recommended. This option to increases the max. steprate is especially of interest to EMC2 and Mach3 users.


Upon request we supply

prefab 3- or 4-axes assemblies, including all drives, power supplies and wiring in an industrial enclosure, also suitable for retrofitting conventional milling, turning and cutting machines.


Industry Standard Stepper Drives

are supplied by well known sources like Gecko or P2000 or custom made by M.A.C. to deal with extreme customer specific or environmental demands.



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