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A high resolution uStepper Driven tangentially controlled axis turns a Tungsten Carbide (Widia) cutter. The Widia cutter is precision ground on a 6-axes CNC-grinding machine with utmost precision. This cutter is universal and can be customized if required. The prefered cutting depth is easily adjusted over a range of +/- 0.5 mm by turning an excentric nut by hand. Cutting depth is maintained by an ultra light ball-bearing running parallel with the cutter. This bearing assures optimal cutting even over large and uneven surfaces. An optical encoder is provided for homing the tangential tool with standard CNC-homing instructions. All connections to the CNC-controller and power supply are available at the DB9-male connector provided. This Direct Driven Tangentially Controlled Cutter comes with its own Z-axis slide for FLOATING cutter usage on your machine. The Z-axis slide has recirculating ball bearings. For most materials to be cut this tools' own mass provides sufficient pressure while cutting. The cutting unit could be weighted, at your own risk, if more pressure is desired while cutting hard materials and/or running at high feed rates. As an option a dedicated Z-axis motor with linear drive piston can be ordered to control the Up/Down movement of the cutting tool. This unit provides very fast response with precision landing of the tool for extended life time of the cutter. Also, the float feature is fully preserved. The Z-axis motor has its own DB9-male connector identical to the C-axis and an optical encoder to home the Z-axis with standard CNC-controller commands.

If the optional DRIVE ELECTRONICS are ordered, a power supply (230 VAC) and all electronics to drive the mechanics will be included.

Note: pictures are for reference only.

Automatically generate 4-Axes G-code for EMC2

With our tangentially controlled tools we supply proprietary post processors, drivers and utilities for automatic building and sorting closed contours, correcting overlap or gaps, adding Z-safety, Z-up and Z-down parameters as well as deciding when and where to lift the tool depending on the angle of enclosed corners. Once everything is setup according to your preferences, generating the proper G-code for any DSP CNC-controller (G-code compatible with EMC2) takes only a few F-keys or mouse clicks. All software is pre-installed in a click-and-run VMWARE player image on a protected Xplot-firmware USB-stick included in the price and delivery of this product.

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