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Open Source

DSP-CNC V3.0 for XPLOT-Machines

is our standard DSP-CNC Controller for the Xplot-machine from model year 2009 onwards. It includes the best features of earlier DSP-CNC designs (maintaining true stand-alone capability). And ofcourse, it's OPEN SOURCE.

The latest generation DSP's

are focused on providing easier and more robust methods for engineers to develop and optimize DSP systems by shortening product development cycles for faster time-to-market. VisualDSP++ is an integrated software development environment, allowing for fast and easy development, debug and deployment. This results in much lower costs than expected one should have to spend for new developments/products in this high-tech field.

Key Features:

  • Single 320MIPS ADSP2192-12 Digital Signal Processor
  • PCI Plug-in operation
  • Stand Alone USB operation alternative
  • Support for single serial PROM replacing the firmware ROM code
  • Switch to select between PCI or USB Operation
  • 8 bits general purpose I/O
  • 36 pins header plus opto isolated I/O as an option
  • JTAG Interface
  • CE Certified
  • Evaluation suite of VisualDSP++
  • CNC code samples including source code

Blackfin Stamp, Brain Power for DSP-CNCs