DSP-Controller, fixed point 16 bit

A bit of history

Our CLASSIC 16 bits Digital Signal Processor DSP-card is custom designed to control the complex and demanding starting cycle and power control of our FFPE or STELZER MOTOR , a truly unique Free Floating Piston Engine. The "brute" math capacity of the DSP makes it possible to do that task with a very limited number of components / circuit boards.


The number crunching power

STELZER-MOTOR, combustion engine with ONE moving part only!

allowes "in flight" piston-position forecasting, needed for optimum ignition and injection timing and avoiding engine breakdown. In 1991 the availability of high speed DSP's lead to a breakthrough. The FFPE finally evolved as an alternative for conventional stationary engines, outside engineering laboratories.

If you are just interested in alternative engines and/or energy perhaps you should browse our FFPE page now.

We saw and took the opportunity to develop a new breed of CNC-controls with DSP-processor.

The Analog Devices DSP has become the main engine in all of MACs' numerical controls, replacing over 4000 IC's in NC's of the mid eighties being necessary for high speed and high resolution/precision on 3- to 7-axes machines.
Interested in Numerical Control History? Pictures of early NC-systems can be found in our Archive


The DSPCNC controller can be ordered here

DSP-21XX CNC-controller available on special order an while stock lasts, a high-speed CNC, either just the bare PCB, as kit with PCB + componenents or completely assembled and tested. We include extensive documentation ... 0.00 EUR

More about this DSPCNC controller

can be found on our CLASSIC DSPCNC page. As this controller is no longer being used in our Xplot-machines, we do not keep stock of assembled units. Parts and complete D.I.Y. assembly kits however may still be available upon special request.


Open Source DSP-Controller Archive


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