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Professional Signmaking with LinuxCNC

The XPLOT Universal 4-9 axes flat bed CNC-machines have been around since the late 1960's. All machines, no matter how old, can be modified to run with the Open Source Linux CNC-controller.

Full details of LinuxCNC and a live-CD for testing can be downloaded here .....

Since January 2014 ....

New XPLOT-machines are LinuxCNC-READY.

Traded-in machines will be REBUILD and UPGRADED to obtain the LinuxCNC-READY label.

If you want to explore the Open Source alternative but currently own any CNC-machine which is not LinuxCNC-READY, please use the form below to give us the details for making a quotation.

Tell us

who and where you are and what you are looking for, software and/or hardware. If it is (road)signmaking, boat building or something else as listed in our PROJECTS column, we are convinced we can help you with well proven free OpenSource solutions.

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