Dec. 2008: CAD/CAM on Linux platforms

Nowadays most CNC-operators having Xplot-machines use LINUX workstations for obvious reasons.
Anything scientific, graphical or hardware related is available under Linux, in source, without costs and - more important - highly reliable.

Since 2004 AutoCAD [259 KB] has been succesfully ported to Linux desktops of architects all over the world.

Although not every feature of newer Autodesk products will be supported or functional on current releases of LINUX, the core drafting and programming features are! AutoCAD-on-Linux outperforms many Windows workstations when automatic scripts, Lisp or compiled applications are used heavily for automated-production.
See our Ubuntu screenshots of CAD/CAM for Road Signmaking with Linux.

Manufacturers welcome the use of AutoCODE on their Linux workstations.
Designers find the use of Inventor interesting for compatibility and data-exchange reasons.

AutoCAD and Inventor are trademarks of AutoDESK corporation.
AutoCODE is a trademark of Kramer Consulting.
***Jan-2010: AutoCode is no longer available***


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