Rapid Manufacturing Breakthrough of FFPE?

Deutscher Vernunft and Dutch Ingenuity met in the Mid Eighties when we obtained a license to build & develop the "Stelzer-Motor". After paying the DM 50,000,- fee Frank Stelzer personally installed his prototype in our lab in The Netherlands and we thought - a bit naive - we were properly set up for reproducing the engine...

Unfortunately it took another 20 years of parttimers, "Diplom-Arbeit" and volunteers to come up with all the right answers on how to manage the engine. These answers and, of course, all the technological changes and innovations of the last two decennia resulted in a lot of modifications made to Stelzers design.

We seriously needed a way to keep the costs of manufacturing and redesigning over and over again low.

The Continuing Struggle was how to accomplish this?


Science Fiction?

STELZER-MOTOR, combustion engine with ONE moving part only!

One thing we dreamed of was converting an Electron Beam Welder to fuse metal-powder and build a special Xplot-machine for layered fabrication with a vacuum chamber to produce parts directly from their 3D-data specifications....

Science Fiction?
Back in 1986, sure!
Right now, we don't think so.


Keep 'm rolling

Rolling out complicated 3D Metal Parts takes a few hours!
As the Rolling Stones kept telling us: "Time is on my side".

See our FFPE section for recent developments...



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