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MAC therefore developed an unique Heated Vacuum Media Tray that will keep your media at an optimal constant 40 °C temperature while holding it firmly down against the tray with adequate vacuum.

The HVMT system is designed to be as light as possible so that general roll feed printers can handle the inertia while feeding the tray with media through the printer, without any printer hard- or firmware modification.

The ultra light weight construction of large objects like our ~6 square meters HVMT's easily conflicts with handling forces like acceleration/deceleration, shipping and handling.
We therefore manufacture our HVMT's similar to high tech aircraft parts, custom made-to-size!
Their core basically exists of a hand-made aluminum/epoxy sandwich panel that includes not only all vacuum tubes and heater elements but also all temperature control electronics and safety devices.
This drastically minimizes the number of power- and control cables to be pulled around while printing is in progress.

All connections between the HVMT and the controller console are made by cables / hoses with connectors. These are routed though a single flexible conduit with the cables routed through pre-installed vacuum hoses directly connecting the vacuum pump with the HVMT.

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