Modular All Aluminum 3D-machine

All Gantry Mechanics, X/Y slides and electronics are available as a DIY-package. Table construction is easy with ready-made and cut-to-size Industry Standard Aluminum Profiles, available from many suppliers around the globe.

Short form specifications

Applications include

Current DSP-CNC Firmware Release

Open Source CNC-controller EMC2 software (FREE) can be used on all MACHINES and KITS offered at this site.

Complete Mechanics & Electronics KIT

can be ordered here...


Standard CNC-machines

Xplot-1000 Xplot-1001 Xplot-1003 Xplot-1008 Xplot-1200 Xplot-1500 Xplot-1600 Xplot-2000 Xplot-2400 Xplot-2800 Xplot-3000 Xplot-3001 Xplot-3002 Xplot-3003 Xplot-3200 Xplot-4000 Xplot-4800 Xplot-5000 Xplot-8000 Xplot-8020 Xplot-12500


Sample Apps Standard CNC-machines


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