Stainless Steel Split-axes 3D-machine

Short form specifications

  • Net travel X/Y/Z 2900x2100x150 mm
  • Resolution 0,01 mm
  • Overall Precision +/- 0,15 mm, optional up to +/- 0,05 mm
  • Repeatability greater than 0,025 mm
  • Horizontal feed rate 18 m/min
  • Vertical feed rate 3 m/min
  • Universal tool adaptor with T-slots for M6 nuts
  • Stainless Steel construction, heat treated, CNC-machined, glass blasted
  • Safe low-voltage operation of 48VAC supply

Applications include

  • lab use, dna or blood sampling
  • dispensing sealant, glue
  • pcb scanning, milling, drilling
  • measuring, roentgen or video imaging
  • automatic electrical testing
  • gasket diemaking, samples and small series
  • modelmaking of yachts for tank tests
  • non-ferro milling
  • digitizing 2D and 3D

Current DSP-CNC Firmware Release

Open Source CNC-controller EMC2 software (FREE) can be used on all MACHINES and KITS offered at this site.