Universal 4-7 Axes CNC-machines

Xplot-1000 Stainless Steel, SPLIT-AXIS, 800*600*100mm, 2D-DISPENSER, Alu. Vacuum Table Top, EMC2-compatible

Xplot-1001 Steel, SPLIT-AXIS, 800*600*50mm, Alu. T-slot Table Top, EMC2-compatible

Xplot-1003 (Stainless) Steel Flat Bed Frame with Dual-X axes Gantry, 1400*1000 mm T-slot Table Top, EMC2-compatible

Xplot-1008 Stainless Steel, SPLIT-AXIS, 600*600*25mm, 2D-LUMINART etc. DISPENSER, EMC2-compatible

Xplot-1200 Steel frame, flat bed, 1200*800, Magnetic Table Top Cutter Plotter for Card Board / Packaging industry, EMC2-compatible

Xplot-1500 Steel frame, flat bed, 1500*1110 mm, Vacuum Table Top Cutter Plotter for Silkscreen / Die-making / Packaging industry, EMC2-compatible

Xplot-1600 Modular All Aluminium Flat Bed Cutter, Plotter, Router, 1600*1600*50mm and Vacuum Table Top, EMC2-compatible

Xplot-2000 Stainless Steel, flat bed, 2000*1250*150mm, 2-1/2D ROUTER, EMC2-compatible

Xplot-2400 Stainless Steel, flat bed, 2400*1600*150mm, 2-1/2D WATERJET Cutter,3.4m^3 basin, EMC2-compatible

Xplot-2800 Modular All-Aluminum, flat bed, 2800*1500*100 mm, 2-1/2D ROUTER, Tangential CUTTER with integrated vacuum table top, EMC2-compatible

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