DIY CNC-router

All parts to assemble your 5 axes DIY-CNC Router

for non-ferro (woodworking and acrylics) of 8´x4´ (2440 x 1220 mm) sheets.

Electronics and positioning system:
MACH3 and EMC2 ready kit, comes with 4 Arduino shield compatible stepper-drives and backlash-free rack & pinion drive.

- Dual X-axes (Gantry) for enhanced precision/stability.
- Y-axis moves an universal tool-plate with the Z-axis slide.
- Resolution ~ 0.01mm, overall repeatability => 0.25 mm
- EMC2 Software Compensation enables repeatability => 0.05 mm
- Optional C- axis for tangentially controlled tool.

Mechanics similar to the design of grumpygeek but professionally redesigned and CNC-manufactured.

Design changes:
X and Y-axes have backlash free rack & pinion drives with ~4:1 belt reduction.
- Z-axis has leadscrew plus load balancer.
- Yellow parts are now Epoxy Reinforced High Density Fiber board (HDF).
- Black parts are either POM or STEEL.
- Professional wiring assembly, similar to XPLOT-DIY harnesses with connectors.

Not included:
- Power Supply 12-36 VDC 12A, such as a PC power supply or 1-3 low cost battery chargers.
- Black pipes (24m) are very heavy; purchase them locally (shipping costs > material costs)!

TOOLS available are:
- Low-Cost Bosch/ELU Router from 175W - 3kW.
- Debris removal systems , also as D.I.Y. - plans.
- Vacuum table , also as D.I.Y. - plans.
- Circular-SAW dia. 110 mm with counter-rotating blades.
- Penholder for various carpenters-markers ***.
- Standard handdrill mounting collar .
- Simple Caster knife holder for Vinyl and Mask-Cutting ***.
- Low Cost Tangential Cutter.
- Complex Tangentially controlled C-axis for Saw or Cutter ***.
- Individual Z-axis slides for the tools listed above.
- 3-Axes Digital Readout (LCD-display) with battery-backup.

*** coming soon.

CNC-controller and CAD/CAM-software are optionally available and can also be found on the Internet from various FREE OpenSources.


Router for D.I.Y. assembly (960.001) 3,045.34 EUR