Case Modding

3D Designing & Prototyping

enables fast and reliable processing of new ideas to be presented, touched and even used in production within hours after the first draft.


The BLOX computer case...

is a perfect examples of such a CAD/CAM-product. This custom case, readily available via our web shop, is an exclusive (Multi Media, Desktop or Server) computer housing, completely manufactured on Xplot Routers, Milling Machines, Waterjet- and Laser Cutting stations.

A SMALL yet 6 and 10 mm thick Ti6Al4V (Titanium Alloy) OR AlMg4.5 (Aluminum Alloy), armour-like data-safe, easily accessable for authorized personnel only.

Various special mechanical and electronical options make this little B.. (Blox) a hard nut to crack and render removal / theft totally useless.


The BLOX computer case accomodates...



Sample Apps Standard CNC-machines


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