Flatbed Machines

Routing, Cutting, Dispensing, Plotting, Printing..

Our standard Universal 4 to 9-axes Flat Bed machines range from X/Y/Z 80x60x15 cm up to X/Y/Z 38x12x12 meters net travel and are commonly used for government related businesses such as the Road Sign Industry, automotive and aircraft manufacturing, billboard and signmaking, packaging/die-making, (money) Printing, Credit-Card manufacturing, etc.

For highest precision and demanding applications however we recommend our heavy-duty precision machined frames, either in steel (powder coated) or Stainless Steel . With extremely large / wide machines, mass and costs will increase tremendously which can be avoided with our professional All-Aluminum (vacuum) tabletop / base frame of modular design.


O.E.M. supplies

In addition to our product line of complete turnkey-machines/systems we source a full portfolio with 3D-drawings, Prefab parts or Completely Assembled and Tested Gantries to get any custom CAM application started in no time.

As a Tight Budget Solution we can offer a fully warranted 4-axes flatbed gantry system which may include an O.E.M or end-user supplied MDF, Alu or Steel construction to replace our professional tables/base frames. This gantry system is available both in parts only, for D.I.Y. assembly, as well as fully assembled and tested. To speed up D.I.Y. assembly, all motors, control/drive electronics and feedback devices are pre-wired with plugs e.i. Plug-en-Play.

This DIY-Gantry is ready to run with our High Speed DSP-CNC, Mach-3 or LinuxCNC, an Open Source Enhanced Machine Controller, available without fees to pay or purchasing licenses.

Download High Resolution Construction Details

Please register here or mail us your requirements and we will send you the login name/password for exploring high resolution 3D-data of our low cost 'user supplied' MDF-vacuum table , the Xplot-DIY gantry and our professional and modular all aluminum vacuum table / base frame .


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