Service Offerings

  • Project management, Project planning, Project implementation.
  • Systems analysis/design, Systems development, Systems deployment/maintenance/training.
  • Software engineering, Software development, Software deployment/maintenance/training.
  • Windows desktops and server porting and virtualisation on Linux.
  • Linux-desktop, Linux-Server systems and UNIX administration.
  • High availability planning and implementation.
  • Capacity planning and implementation.
  • Disaster recovery planning and implementation.
  • Systems integration planning and implementation.
  • Operating Systems training for users, developers, and administrators.
  • Operator training for CAD/CAM workstations and multi axis machinery.

. . . and more.

Send an e-mail to our salesdesk for more details.

Most of these services can be offered on user specific configurations.
Preferably with Intel x86 based servers running Linux.