Fixed Length Contracts

  • All fixed length contracts are negotiated based on the length of the contract, the services being utilized, and materials used.
  • Bids can be offered when request for proposals (RFP) are requested.

Fixed Price Contracts

  • All fixed price contracts go through an evaluation phase before work commences to determine if the € value of the contract meets or exceeds the costs of labor and materials needed for the successful completion of the contract.
  • M.A.C. will respond to all fixed price contracts presented.

Time and Materials Contracts / Cost Plus

  • All time and material contracts are based on the hourly rates given in the schedule below. The rates may be adjusted for various factors including travel, food, car, hotel and any material costs associated with the the successful completion of the contract. All billing will be in 15 minute increments, thus if an increment is started, but not completed, the increment is billed.

Price Schedule for Time and Material Contracts:

Not More Than Hourly Rate
36 hours 185
4 weeks 168
> 4 weeks 125
Rates per Jan-2022.    

Initial consultations

and submission of proposals are free.